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Full Version: XS650 build
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Hi, new to forum and a new project started =)

Ill be posting pictures along as i go with this build. 

For now :
5" stretch 
4" ground clearance 
18" rear wheel
21" XT500 front wheel
yeah , that length looks good i think
Ive begun the mockup, had a few parts over from last build so i thought i mostly use what i got left over =)

A bracket for centering speedo, and also the handlebars are xs650 original i think. 

Ill figure out what height i want in the front end, then make spacers to put inside each forkleg.

Gonna check wheel/sprocket alignment before i continue.
Rear wheel spacers done to the custom hardtail.

Had a chance to take it down from the lift and have a look at the stance. Next up is to check that the wheels are alignin then off to lowering the forks =)
Forks shaved and lowered.
Rear wheel aligned spot on in frame and sprockets aligned perfectly right away.

Now off to measuring for a sissybar and get a p-nut tank on there.
Got some time to remove some mounts to get the peanut on there.

Yeah these tanks are used on alot of builds i know but i do like the look on them Tongue
Havent updated in a while but ive been waiting on some parts.
Recently installed some new mids from Jumpstreet Custom.
Waiting on my sissybar to arrive

But i did a new brake rod for the mids, bent some 8mm stainless rod with hole drilled and then welded some m6 threaded rod to it.

Turned out pretty good.
Started mounting rear fender today and its set, only mounts on the sissy to rear fender left then off to seat mounting =)
Tank mounts welded and a stop for the drum hub aswell.

Now im ready for inspection 1/2 here in Sweden.

Ive started making a rigid pan aswell, ill get some photos of that when its all leathered up.

For now it stands like this: