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Full Version: my sx 400se if u can still tell
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My bike started life as an sx 400 se got it on eBay  £300 stripped it all to bare metel 
Sawed the frame in two made the had tail and tig welded back together lengthend the frame By 50 mm all the brackets are mig welded all the stainless  steel started as sheet cut bent welded  and polished wire loom  altered  and new fuse box fit .The paint was something I saw on utube so made some masks and air brushed it .All the work  was done by me on a tight budget the hole bike ows me about £600 and took about a year to do just as a bit  of a project when I had time..got a trophy  at a local show best rat didn't  expect it just wanted to show it and see what people thought .I'm not a professional just a keen amaamateur 

kool bike mate!
Dope built.
How did you do the paint job? Any tips on doing a paint job? I helped my buddy once and messed it up