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Full Version: 650 and another 650
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these are my 650`s , the are a work ion progress but i will get them done

this is one , it was already hardtailed and the enige is completely new again

[Image: DSC_0098_zps571bd67a.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0136_zps4fdd19f3.jpg]
the seat is an old tractorseat end the spring comes of an atb bike :-)
found a sweet headlight  it is a very old melas bicycle lamp 
[Image: DSC_0931_zps43584b48.jpg]

and a sweet taillight , nobody knows what it is and if that is the case than i need it :-)

[Image: DSC_0961_zps62cc8fbb.jpg]

[Image: DSC_3300_zpsab2n5gtz.jpg]
the pipes are harley sportster pipes and the gastank is an old sparta tank , 
[Image: DSC_3063_zpsdypffuzm.jpg]

and this is the other one , put on the hardtail myself , i got a front fork with a 7 degree angle so maybe i can use those long legs , i also have a set of honda monkee handlebars for it , think it will look sweet .
this is going to be a heavy flake bike and the other one a rusty and old blue and ivory white bike ( i think )

[Image: DSC_1367_zpsb5e36fbb.jpg]
Are we ever really done with some of our projects? I know I love to tinker around, and just when I think I'm done with a project I get another idea and I'm back in the garage.
hahahaha , yeah , same here , i am busy with my pontiac at the moment , changing the engine and as usual nothing fits :-)
but when that is done i have to chop my wife`s suzuki , after that a few little things on the xj and after that one of the 650`s , so , i am busy :-)
Nice work!
Let's talk dutch :p
Heb jij zo nog adresjes waar je een Yamaha xs650 kunt vinden?
Ben rustig op zoek naar ééntje maar word weinig aangeboden op Marktplaats
hey dude , no , lets not talk dutch on a international forum  Smile
and no , sorry , i don`t know any xs 650`s for sale , i was lucky with the two i have they are getting more expensive by the day over here
Dude this is great.
What's the end game plan?
i have absolutely no idea :-) :-)
did some work again , planning on getting it ready for the season
had to cut out a piece of the frame because the chain was eating it away , did not hardtail this frame myself
and the asshole who did it had no clue i guess

[Image: DSC_4073_zpsglmjnuni.jpg]

put in a solid piece so i could machine it so the chain has some room to do hes job :-)

[Image: DSC_4078_zps99d3uzfn.jpg]

and now some weldingskills of that idiot

[Image: DSC_4079_zpsogwf7umh.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4080_zpshbfepadx.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4081_zpsbt7kskzb.jpg]

also been busy with a sissybar and taillight

[Image: 10644317_460842474120954_304839510630081...p3rdva.jpg]

[Image: 12045611_460842524120949_806680529095098...y3xsof.jpg]

to be continued :-)
That's cool
thanks , well , been building again , the frame has been blasted and painted for about 100 bucks , nog gonna do it myself for that money .
also painted the engine with a small little stripe , simple but i love it

[Image: DSC_4215_zpsgy8bf5m9.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4227_zpsk43ayfk2.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4228_zps8qb0xjmf.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4230_zpsmfnhi8uh.jpg]
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