Yamaha Bobber


If you’re like me, you love Yamaha Motorcycles because of their ability to be turned into a bobber“. Older models such as XS650, SR400, or any of the V Star series (Dragstars) offer an endless possibilities when it comes to building a custom bike.
When I began searching for my first motorcycle I had a few criteria in mind:
  1. It has to have a personality… One of a kind, something that is custom.
  2. It has to be built on a budget. I don’t have 10-15 thousand to drop on a custom bike. At the same time I want a quality bike that would demand respect amongst other bikers.
  3. And finally, I want something that I could work on myself.
With those 3 things as my primary search criteria, I had only one option… start looking for an old school Yamaha!




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