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If your like me, your love for the Yamaha XS650 is because of their ability to be turned into a "bobber."  When I began searching for my first motor bike here are the criterias I had right away:

  1. It has to be mine... One of a kind, something that is custom.
  2. It has to be built on a budget. I don't have 10-15 thousand to drop on a custom bike. At the same time I want a quality bike that would demand respect amongst other bikers.
  3. And finally, I want something that I could work on myself.

With those 3 things as my primary search criterial, I had only one option... start looking for an old Yamaha XS650!

Yamaha Bobber is dedicated to offering quality products for your XS650 project!

From parts to “do it yourself” tips, we hope to make your XS650 project bike a pleasure to work on instead of a chore.

  • Choosing The Tank

    Choosing a tank is a pretty important choice which sets the tone of your bobber. Here are some of the more common bobber style tanks. Here is the classic sportster style tank. This tank was made famous from the Harley sportster bike first built in 1957. This style of tank has become so popular, they are remanufactured by several different companies for custom applications.  There are  several different modification you can [read more]

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  • Five Cheap Ways to Bob Your Bike

    Presumably you have already done the “5 free things to do to bob your bike” (i.e. start taking unneeded parts off).  But now you have a couple bucks to spend so you want to make the money count.  Here are my suggestions to get the most bang for your buck. 1. Handle bars Handle bar are super easy to take off and replace and they give you a different [read more]

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  • Turn Your Stock Yamaha 650 Into A Bobber For FREE

    Here are a couple things you can do for FREE to transform your stock Yamaha XS650 into a bobber… without cracking your wallet once.  This does not involve buying any parts, just taking off unneeded items.  And it doesn’t require too much mechanical know-how either, just a couple turns of the wrench, a little simple re-wiring, and minor fabricating. Here we go: Take off the front fender. Depending on [read more]

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  • Wiring Diagrams

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  • October Bike of the Month – “The Belgian Bobber”

    Jordy submitted a couple photos of his build about a month ago and after seeing the pics of his build, we had to post it as bike of the month!  He is 25 years old and lives in Zelzate, Belgium.  About a year ago he stumbled accross our website and and loved the bikes he saw, so he decided to build one of his own.  Awesome! Unfortunately in Belgium the concept of [read more]

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  • July Bike of the Month

    Roger Hack of 2nd Chance Custom Cycles was kind enough to share this build that a client brought into him for a little spruce up.  The owner of the bike, Gus, wanted to turn his rat bike into something a little sweeter.  I think Roger and his team accomplished that hands down!  Gus didn’t have a bad bike to start off with if you ask me, but Roger turned it [read more]

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  • Choosing the Right Rear Fender

    Choosing the right rear fender for your bobber/chopper build is more in-depth than you would think.  You need to consider a couple of factors before you just go out and shell out some cash and weld on the rear fender. Matching the rear fender to your tire size:  Your rear fender diameter depends on two things: the overall diameter of your tire and the amount of clearance you want [read more]

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  • December Bike of the Month

    Sue’s Sassy Grass XS650 This bike began as a VW bug??… I’ll let Rick explain. Here’s Rick and Sue’s story: It all started when we traded a custome VW bug for a XS650 bobber with enough bonus parts to almost build another bike.  My wife Sue and I have owned and customized many bikes over the years,  but never tried a complete build.  With the pile of parts, including a  [read more]

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  • November Bike of the Month

    “DELIA” 1977 Yamaha XS650 This bike started life as a dream. I knew what the end result needed to look like.  I wanted to build a custom bike like I haven’t seen before.  Something bad ass, but still has style and flow. I had an extra 77 frame laying around, so I ordered some tubing and started cutting. I knew I wanted a low drop seat frame and stock wheelbase. Five hours later [read more]

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  • Preparing for the Fabricator

    The time has come! My stock 1975 Yamaha XS650 is gunna be going to the fabricator for its hardtail. But first I have to strip it down from all the unneeded part to expose the frame. I decided on working with a fabricator I found at the Long Beach motorcycle swap meet. After speaking with him a couple times, checking out his work, and figuring out exactly what I wanted [read more]

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  • Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet

    First let me start by saying, if you don’t live in So Cal this post will still be of interest to you. I went to the Long Beach motorcycle swap meet, but almost every state/big county has some kind of event like this. The links at the bottom of this post may help you find at swap meet near you. With that out of the way, let me say [read more]

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  • Bobber Chopper History

    Dating all the way back to the pre World War II era, bobber’s were the earliest striped down kind of custom motorcycle. They were given the name “bobber” because the back fender would be shortened or “bobbed.” Additionally, the front fender would usually be striped off as well as any other superficial parts that were not absolutely needed to make the bike run. This not only makes the bike [read more]

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  • XS650 Bobbers…Bad Ass On A Budget!

    If your like me, your love for the Yamaha XS650 is because of their ability to be turned into a “bobber.”  When I began searching for my first motor bike here are the criterias I had right away: It has to be mine… One of a kind, something that is custom. It has to be built on a budget. I don’t have 10-15 thousand to drop on a custom bike. At the same [read more]

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At Yamaha we are dedicated to providing valualbe resources, parts, and accessories to the Yamaha XS650 enthusist.  Whether you are the do it yourselfer looking for parts or just someone who likes to look at these awesome bike, Yamaha has something for you.  For those of you who do not own a Yamaha 650 and are looking to purchase a project bike, check out the “Getting Started” tab on the home page.  This page should give you an idea of where to start.  We hope you all enjoy the website and find value in the information! 

In additions to offering “Do it yourself” tips and instructional guides for your builds, we have search high and low to offer only the best quality product that are built to last!  Check out our Parts Store for most of your project’s needs.

We know that finding parts are hard…. believe me I know from my build;  That’s why we have posted links for other sites that offer stock OEM engine parts that we do not carry yet.  Some might think this is crazy to send you somewhere else to spend your hard earned money, but we would rather have you find the parts you need from a good source then purchase some crappy parts somewhere else and have your bike break down.  Check out for all your OEM engine parts!

To continually add value to the Yamaha XS650 community and keep these great bikes on the road for years to come! 

“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime!”

Selling parts to people is great, selling quality parts to people and giving them information on how to install it themselves is awesome!

When I got my first bike 2 years ago, all I knew about motorbikes was that I thought they were cool. Now after wasting money on shit parts, fixing the wrong parts 2 or 3 times, and having some know-it-all mechanic tell me I needed this, that, and the other thing, I have come to learn that with a little patience and a lot of searching, I can find out how to fix what I need fixed myself. We hope our website will make your search for knowledge a little easier!