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Why People Love Building Yamaha Bobber Motorcycles?

If you’re like me, you love Yamaha Motorcycles because of their ability to be turned into a bobber“. Older models such as XS650, SR400, or any of the V Star series (Dragstars) offer endless possibilities when it comes to building a custom bike.

When I began searching for my first motorcycle I had a few criteria in mind:

  1. It has to have a personality… One of a kind, something that is custom.
  2. It has to be built on a budget. I don’t have 10-15 thousand to drop on a custom bike. At the same time I want a quality bike that would demand respect amongst other bikers.
  3. And finally, I want something that I could work on myself.

With those 3 things as my primary search criteria, I had only one option… start looking for an old school Yamaha!

How to Turn Your Stock Bike Into Bobber for Free

Here are a couple things you can do for FREE to transform your stock Yamaha XS650 into a bobber… without cracking your wallet once.  This does not involve buying any parts, just taking off unneeded items.  And it doesn’t require too much mechanical know-how either,...

5 Cheap Ways to Bob Your Bike

Presumably you have already done the “5 free things to do to bob your bike” (i.e. start taking unneeded parts off).  But now you have a couple bucks to spend so you want to make the money count.  Here are my suggestions to get the most bang for your buck....

Choosing The Rear Fender

Choosing the right rear fender for your bobber/chopper build is more in-depth than you would think.  You need to consider a couple of factors before you just go out and shell out some cash and weld on the rear fender. Matching the rear fender to your tire size:  Your...

How to Buy the Right Bike for Your Next Bobber Project

Searching for the right bike So you’re looking for a bike to bob! But what should you look for?? While a lot of it is a personal preference there are certain guidelines to follow in order to make the right purchase. Here’s my advice for getting the right bike to start...
Choosing The Tank

Choosing The Tank

Choosing a tank is a pretty important choice which sets the tone of your bobber. Here are some of the more common bobber style tanks. Here is the classic sportster style tank. This tank was made famous from the Harley sportster bike first built in 1957. This style of...
Preparing for the Hardtail

Preparing for the Hardtail

The time has come! My stock 1975 Yamaha XS650 is gunna be going to the fabricator for its hardtail. But first I have to strip it down from all the unneeded part to expose the frame. I decided on working with a fabricator I found at the Long Beach motorcycle swap meet....